Antique Bindal Works

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Antique Bindal Items

When we hear the word Bindalli; clothes, bundles, prayer rugs, money pouch, pillow, quilt face, such as wedding dress, although we come to mind, in fact, bindalli fabric is the name given to the art of dival work technique is the processing of wires. Although it is not difficult to see the works of bindal which have preserved themselves in terms of condition from the past to the present, new production bindal wedding dresses and clothes are more frequently encountered today. Bindal works, which have made themselves a permanent member of the textile products category with their original craftsmanship, are still in demand by antique collectors today.

Antique Bindal Pack

The work you have seen in the picture is an original Ottoman bindal pac designed with the processing of wires using the dival technique. You can use our appraisal service free of charge to find out if these items are original. You can also ask us if you want to know the price or sell it.

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