Antique Wedge (Niello)

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Antique Wedge (Niello)

As you can recall from our article “Antique Wedge”, the wedge is a general name given to sharp blades on both sides. The production, design and use of wedges have been seen and lived as an art for the Circassians. This culture is still alive in wedge workshops in the Yatağan district of Denizli with its rich culture and infrastructure from the past. With its monolithic steel, rich workmanship and elegant and useful covers, it is not only seen as a war instrument, but also Circassian wedges act as a decor adorning the walls.

Antique Caucasian Wedge

The work that you see in the picture below is an antique Caucasian wedge decorated with various motifs using a niello technique. To find out the value of your antique Circassian, Caucasian or Georgian wedges, just contact us.

Antika Kafkas Kaması
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