Antique Clock

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Antique Clock

The device that measures the time unit equal to 1/24 of the day is called the clock. First, we know that in ancient times, sun, sand and water clocks were used to determine time. In later times, with Islam declaring that it was necessary to pray at five hours of the day, Islamic scholars needed a mechanical watch production. Thereupon, in 807, the first mechanical alarm clock was made during the reign of Abbasid Caliph Harun Resid and started to be used.  Mechanical clock construction started XII. century, in Europe. After the XV. and XVI. In the centuries Nuremberg has become a watchmaking center. In 1709, the first stone pocket watches were produced. In the face of Europe’s clock technique, the Ottoman Empire did not lag behind, XVII. century made the first paddle clock in Istanbul.

Antique Pendulum Wall Clock

The video above is an antique pendulum wall clock that serves both a clock and a stylish decoration on the wall on which it hangs, with its woodworking. If you want to evaluate your antique pendulum wall clocks, please consult us.

Antika Guguklu Saat
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