Antique Clothes

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Antique Clothes

The clothes worn during the Ottoman period are basically inner shirts, entari, baggy trousers, skirts and robes. Although it did not show much change until the end of the 19th century, it is very clear that the cuts and fabrics used have undergone minor changes when the clothes of the period are examined in detail. These clothes, which started to be processed in Galata and Tepebaşı in the 19th century, were generally made of linen, silk, velvet and cotton fabrics. The fact that they were named after the place where they were produced caused the clothing to be given names such as “Tepebaşı” or “Galata”.

Antique Ottoman Entari

The dress that you see in the picture is the Entari of the Ottomans known as “Tepebaşı” work among the people. You can contact us if you want to sell the dress, caftan, bindallı and similar dresses.

Osmanlı Kostüm
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