Antique Embroidery

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Antique Embroidery

Embroidery is a kind of handkerchief used for the protection of oil, food pieces and other similar materials. When we look at the Ottoman period, it is possible to see many oil embroideries decorated with various motifs. Generally one or two corners of the tenter and pulleys are embroidered with silk thread. When embroidery works are examined technically, various processing techniques stand out. Muşabbak, suzeni, Türk isi (Turkish work), hesap isi work, pesent, gozeme, openwork, winding, wire breaking techniques such as processing are the best examples of this diversity.

Antique Ottoman Emroidery

The antique work you see in the picture below is an Ottoman-made antique emroidery with its floral motifs, craftsmanship and Ottoman writing. If you want to sell similar antique emroidery and other antique textiles, simply send a picture of your antique textiles via Whatsapp app.

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