Antique Enameled Coloisone

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Antique Enameled Coloisone

Colored and translucent glass coating method of glass pulp and various mineral oxides is called enamel art. First, patterns are drawn on the article to be decorated, carved and pitted. Subsequently, substances and oxides that form the enamel are pulverized and placed in these nests. Powdered enamel pieces are either baked in the oven to get their real appearance or melted on the mine with hot flame spraying machines called enameller lamp. Enamel work has been known and practiced in European and Turkish art for a long time. Enamel craftsmanship is also very common in Seljuk and Ottoman art.

Antique Coloisone

The works you see in the picture below are antique Coloisone works designed with enamel artwork. If you want to sell your antique enameled items, you can send a photo us via WhatsApp by clicking the contact link above.

Antika Mineli Biblo
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