Antique Hand-Written Books

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Antique Hand-Written Books

When we travel from past to present, we remember events as much as our memories help. However, it is not possible to escape the dusty pages of history to get more data. Even though its accuracy or error is the subject of discussion today, written and visual works are still a source of light for humanity and scientific research. Many written works from novels, religious books, special notes, edicts are considered in antique category. When we look at the recent history, many written works that have preserved their condition from the Ottoman Empire are still alive today. Hand writing prayer book, hilye-i sheriff, the Holy Quran, elif ba, delailül hayrat books are the best examples of this. These books decorated with masters were decorated with great care to show that they were respected.

Antique Religious Books

The volumes you have seen in the picture are religious books from the Ottoman period. You can use our appraisal service free of charge to find out whether your belongings are hand-written. You can ask us if you want to learn or sell its commercial value even if its spiritual value is not measured.

Antika El Yazma Kitap
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