Antique Hilye-i Sheriff

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Antique Hilye-i Sheriff

Hilye, “God, Muhammad” and the names of the first four caliphs on the inscription, also the title of the Prophet and the high qualifications of the Prophet is a name given to the plate. At the same time, ornaments, trappings, which also means hilye, word literally reflects the meaning. We can easily understand this when we look at the hilye-i sheriff works which are carefully decorated by master calligraphers. The hilye-i sheriffs, which are generally written by using fonts such as sulus and nezih, are known for their golden gilding, floral motifs, in short, for almost all decoration arts of the period. For this reason, they are not only spiritual, but also artistic. Nowadays, hilye-i sheriffs, in which antique collectors show great interest to add to their collections, are counted among the fixtures of the rare pieces category in the antique world written works class.

Antique Hilye

The work you have seen in the video above is an antique hilye-i sheriff written in the Ottoman period. You can call us to evaluate your antique tricks and handwriting works or send photos using Whatsapp Messenger app.

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