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Known to have been invented before the match, the lighter serves as a tool that makes our life easier and that we need at many points in our daily life. Lighters, which are known to have been invented in 1823 and offered to our use with various designs until today, can also be very valuable. Antique lighters, St. Dupont lighters, Cartier lighters, Ibelo Lighters and Zippo lighters are among the leading brands in this list. It cannot be denied that it is an indispensable accessory for the people who use it with its material quality and stylish designs. lighters; It is widely used by people who use tobacco products today, with various mechanical properties and brand models such as gas, gasoline, electric.

St. Dupont Lighters

The lighter you watched in the video above is St. It is a side wheel lighter produced by the Dupont brand. This design, which is a very heavy lighter model, is St. It can be shown among the classic models of the Dupont brand. This lighter model, which is known to use white gold in its production, is popularly known as “The Gambler’s Lighter”. His story is as follows; The gambler who runs out of money puts his lighter on the gambling table in order to play one more hand and is entitled to play one more hand. You have St. If you want to sell your Dupont brand lighters before losing them at the gambling table, you can contact us. Before you decide to sell, be sure to check out the St. I recommend you to listen to the Dupont lid opening sound on your own lighter. Maybe it will discourage you from selling!

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