Antique Paintings

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Antique Paintings

Today, paintings are an indispensable item of almost every human being’s house, from the poorest to the wealthiest. In recent history, although the reputation of Italian painters seems to be accepted worldwide, the level of art of Iranian, Russian and Ottoman works is not open to debate. Although those artists do not grow much today, it is still possible to see the old paintings, antique engravings, jigsaws, under glass and even miniature works they have left behind today. Take a good look at the antiquities you have, leave a beautiful legacy to the future.

Antique Illuminated Glass Kaaba Table

The work you have seen is the illuminated Masjid al-Haram painting from the Ottoman period known as the Art of Glass. You can use our appraisal service free of charge to find out the period of wall paintings in your hand and which art branch you belong to. If you want to know or sell your artworks, you can ask us.

Osmanlı Tezhipli Resim
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