Antique Paper Money

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Antique Money

Coins and paper prints with embossed writings and pictures, which are circulated by states, have certain values are called money. Before the money was found, ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean countries, as well as Asian, European civilizations, instead of the currency, gold, silver, electron, copper, lead, tin, iron were paid for or exchanged for a good. It is known that the money was first found and used by Lydians in Anatolia. Currencies are named after various names. In the Hellenistic period, “drachma”, “nomos” İtalya in Sicily, in Asia “shekel” are some of these names.

Antique Paper Money

The coins you have seen in the video below are recent works. Most of them are Turkish, Greek, Yugoslavian, British, German, Egyptian banknotes printed after 1900. Coins collected by collectors are evaluated according to the harmony of serial numbers, the condition called “like new”  and the date of the money being printed. Coins, which have all these factors, are considered as valuable coins by collectors.

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