Antique Pearlescent Tortoiseshell Box

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Antique Pearlescent Works

Pearlescent Work is the name given to the art made with the help of shells of living creatures such as mussels and oysters. Seashells, ornaments and jewelry from the early ages of history, predefined, but the method of inlaying mother-of-pearl was discovered later. In this method, the motifs to be processed are drawn on the surface of the hard wood, the drawn places are carved beautifully and finally the pearlescent are placed in the motif cavities and mixed with glue. Some of them presented in the Sumerian art, far East and Indian art also found in the art reported. The first examples, XV. At the end of the 16th century, the art of pearlescent, we saw on the door wings of the Beyazid Mosque. In XVI. century, it was seen on doors, windows, lockers, lectern drawers, cover of the Qur’an books, shelves, tables, armchairs, sofas, furniture, pistol grip, horseshoes, bellows, tobacco layer, coffee cups.

Antique Pearlescent Tortoiseshell Box

The work you see in the picture below is the antique pearlescent tortoiseshell jewelry box. Sedefkar performs his art with the aid of appliying pearlescent pieces on the box. After work is done, the box looks visually stylish and elegant. You can call us to learn the value of arts or sell  of your antique pearlescent box.  You can send pictures with Whatsapp application, you can get a quote.

Antika Sedef Bağa Kutu
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