Antique Plate

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Antique Plate

The plate is a bowl with a pit in the middle and a flat bowl. During the Ottoman period, plates made of precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as Iznik and Kütahya, world-renowned, high-value ceramic and porcelain plates were produced. In general, cypress, carnation, tulip, pomegranate, hyacinth, bird and ship paintings are among the indispensable motifs of Iznik ceramic plates in the Ottoman period.

Antique Ottoman Plate

The work you see in the picture below is an elegant antique plate from the Ottoman period with the portrait of Sultan Abdülaziz on it and various motifs on the sides. If you want to sell this work and various antique plates or learn its value, just send a picture of your antique plate with Whatsapp application.

Antika Resimli Tabak
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