Antique Porcelain

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Antique Porcelain

The glassy ceramics that the thin dough covered with translucent glaze are baked on high fire are called porcelain. Porcelain was first invented in China and then started to be made in Japan and Korea. XVIII. century has been implemented in Europe. The porcelain factory established in Meissen, Germany was followed by other European States and almost all European States opened porcelain factories. Although the Ottoman State was late in this regard, Sultan Abdülhamid established the “Yıldız Porcelain” factory in 1894 with the emblem “Moon Star”. Many colorful works such as vases, pitchers, coffee sets, tea sets, trays, dinner sets, pitchers and glazed are produced in this factory.

Antique Porcelain Items

The figurine you see in the picture below is an Italian-made antique porcelain, as you can see from the inscription on the front. “La Cena” means “Dinner” in Italian. In this work, in which he does not forget the fine details, the artist brought an ordinary Italian table to life in porcelain art.

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Antiique La Cena Porcelain