Antique Silver (Niello)

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Antique Silver - Niello

Savat, sulfur, silver, copper or lead in certain proportions is the name of the substance formed as a result of mixing and melting in fire. Niello technique is obtained by filling the prepared savat material in the slots opened on the metal works. It is a technique of making black color and patterns on the surface of the work. When the Turkish – Islamic art is examined, it is easily seen that the metal works, especially the silver works’ patterns and writings, are generally used by Niello technique.

Antique Silvers

The works in the video you have seen above are antique silver necklaces and silver plates from the Ottoman period. You can send us photos by using Whatsapp Messenger application and you can learn the value of your silver items by using Whatsapp Messenger application. If you want, you can sell your antique silver necklace, plate, snuff box and other savannah objects.

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