Antique Silverware

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Antique Silverware

Silver is a non-oxidizing precious metal that can also be easily processed. Silver, which has been known since ancient times, is used in the production of many ornaments. When we look at silver ornament techniques, we can see silver plating, scraping, embossing, inlaid, openwork, filigree and savat methods. Earrings, necklaces, amulets, bracelets, cheeks, belts, clasps, anklets, hotose pins, mirrors, ornaments, trays, cups, pitchers, vases and many examples of silver are available.

Antique Silver Cup Envelope

The cup envelopes you have seen in the video above are antique works from the Ottoman period prepared using engraving and embossing techniques on silver. If you would like to sell these cup envelopes and other antique silverware, just send us a picture of your antique silverware.

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