Antique Table

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Antique Table

Although the picture comes to mind when we say the table, the table is actually the name given to the framed version of the picture. Hanging on the walls and boards, this work becomes meaningful with the brush strokes of the artist on paintings such as linoleum, cloth, leather, canvas or wood. Portrait paintings, still-life, figures, interiors and abstract paintings are the best examples of this variety.

Antique Ottoman Table

The painting you have seen in the video above is a good example of the kind of figure painting. Moreover, the fact that it was built during the Ottoman period gives the work the title of antique painting. Antique ottoman period, all kinds of paintings, paintings, engravings bearing the signature of domestic and foreign painters, you can call us if you want to evaluate the artwork, you can send pictures with Whatsapp application and get a price quote.

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