Antique Towel

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Antique Towel

After washing your face and hand, the textile that you use to dry is called a towel. Carefully processed, golden wire glazed, when you look at the moisture of your face you do not want to erase the beautiful ones, or just every morning to wash your face with colorful yarns to wash with itself, with various motifs, the drying of your work to a different size is called antique towels (Peshkir). For those who do not know the antique peshkir because of the workmanship at first glance may look like a cover or an embroidery, but the soft tissue that you feel when you take it in your hand shouts to you. The antique towel which has been in good condition since the Ottoman period has been inherited. We also think that there are still many antique towels in many houses, which have been removed in cupboards or forgotten in warehouses. If you would like to evaluate your antique goods, we would like to be the first ordinary buyer of antique towels and antique textiles.

Antique Peshkir

The work you have seen is a gold wire-glazed “Peshkir” from the Ottoman period. You can use our appraisal service free of charge to get information about your antique towels or other antique textile goods. If you want to know or sell your material value, please contact us.

Antika İşlemeli Peşkir
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