Antique Wedge

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Antique Wedge

Hilts of wood, bone, horn and metal, sharp on both sides and pointed blades are called wedges. This incisor combat instrument is usually carried in leather-covered wood scabbard. Ancient Egypt, Genoese, Venice, Greek – Roman and Japanese, as well as the Turks are known to make and carry wedges. In addition, Georgian, Circassian and Caucasian wedges are considered famous. Wedge masters who use precious metals such as silver, gold and rare stones such as emerald, ruby and diamonds have produced wedge handles that are the work of art. Nowadays, museums and collectors have become the center of attention, art and war within the structure of these cutting tools, future generations with the right information to tell, we must transfer to the future in a strong condition, should be well preserved.

Antique Wedge Types

Of the three works you have seen in the picture below, the leftmost tree hilt, the center of silver embroidered and on the right side of the tree covered with leather scabbard wedges are exhibited. Don’t sell your antique wedges without asking us. To sell antique tools such as wedges, daggers, knives, you can send pictures via Whatsapp app.

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