Antique Wooden Box

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Antique Boxes

Boxes, sometimes accessories, jewelry, necklaces, earrings, watches, brooches, rosettes, money, cufflinks, such as a safe place we put our belongings, sometimes is used only as a flashy ornament. This item, which is used in many ways by both men and women, has survived in every period of history. Antique boxes from the past, especially from the Ottoman period, are still used by people who are passionate. Antique boxes, wood, gold, silver, pearlescent tortoiseshell, as well as many different concepts, such as ruby, diamonds, emeralds, diamonds, coral, precious stones such as diamonds are also seen very often. If you are interested in evaluating your antique boxes, please contact us.

Antique Ottoman Wooden Box

This antique work is a handmade wooden box with a monogram from the Ottoman period. You can use our service for free to learn or sell the value of your antique boxes …

Antika İşlemeli Osmanlı Kutu
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