Ebru Art (Marbling)

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Ebru Art (Marbling)

The art of marbling, which was used as a backdrop for the calligraphy plates in the past, was used to decorate the inner covers of notebooks. XVI. century has been recognized as a special branch of art by developing in Turkish art. Marbling art, which we see examples of color-colored marble veins, granite moire and floral patterns, also means “cloudy”. The art of marbling, which is known to have a history of at least four hundred years, is still practiced with the original technique known by the marbling artists.

Marbling Art Technique

The works you have seen in the videos below and above are the works of Ebru. While Ebru artist prepares his works, he first mixes the so-called “tragacanth” and the water and transfers it to the liquid reservoir called “destenzeng”. It then mixes its paint with oil and water and sprayes it to make patterns on the liquid in the destenzeng. Special marbling paper is placed on these patterns of paints floating on the water and slowly removed again. Marbling paper is left to dry when the patterns pass on the paper.

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Ebru Painting