Old Photos and Cards

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Old Photos and Cards

Although digital photos have been replaced by digital photos today, classic photographers who are passionate about the dark room still have not abandoned these habits. However, the number of them is decreasing day by day. Not only photographers, but today everyone’s home has an old photo collection. Family photos of your grandfather or pictures of your childhood. Nowadays, most of us do not look at these pictures at all, but when the time comes, those pictures emerge and the past is remembered. Some of us are more fortunate because the photographs they have are not only photographs but also antiquities that can be valued. In general, photo albums belonging to the early years of the Republic were in demand in the antique buying and selling community, but the number of collectors is quite high. Not only photos, but also old postcards, fortune cards, playing cards, letter envelopes, stamps and briefly all kinds of visual objects and documents can fall into the category of antiques. We call this category as “Ephemera”. If you have such goods, we expect you to benefit from our expertise service and consult us.

Antique Tarot Cards

The work you have seen in the video is the original tarot fortune cards made in Russian. You can use our appraisal service free of charge to find out, if these items are original. In addition, if you want to know or sell, you can benefit from our antique consulting service.

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